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When we invented the DIY toner refill, our seriousness was questioned

These emails about toner refilling successes are totally spontaneous. They were categorically not dreamt up by 36 year-old self-styled toner magnate "Doc Toner" and passed off as authentic. Reports of certain contributors having constructed luxurious wild-fowl islands after having appeared on these pages are spurious. Doc Toner, 42, is not currently the subject of a super-injunction.

From: email supplied
Sent: 26 January 2012 11:51
Subject: Well done

THANK YOU, for spreading a bit of the 'feel good' factor around!
It is all too rare these days to open something you've bought an find you have receive considerably more than was expected - and you just did that for me with the Samsung ML-1665 kit I opened and used for the first time yesterday. It was brilliant...and I am not known for over-generous marking!
After an apprenticeship in electrical engineering I spent some years in development work and know something of the time and perseverance required to enable a product to be distributed with confidence - and you seem to be doing that .....
I reckon anybody should get a buzz doing things God's way - and Genesis 1:31 says, 'God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.'
With sincere thanks and good wishes, Charles.

Well you can either test it properly, which involves a few grand and a lot of hard work. Or you can just whack it up on your internet shop front, which involves a few clicks and lot of hard prayer.
You've helped me see that both I and the competition are enlisting the help of religion .......... in different ways.
Doc Toner

From: James Debney
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 12:51 PM
Subject: Thanks!

Just refilled for the first time the colour toner cartridges of our Magicolor 2530DL. Worked immediately without a hitch - absolutely flawless. I have absolute boundless admiration for the inventiveness of you people in putting together your method of refilling toner cartridges, and for the detailed, anybody-can-do-it explanation in the literature which accompanied the starter kit. Easy, clear, and probably idiot proof. Full marks, 11 out of 10.
Anybody not refilling their toner cartridges via RefillToner.com deserves to have their money taken from them!
James Debney, Spectrum Videofilms

James, funny you should say that because I too am often filled with boundless admiration for myself. Surely we couldn't both be wrong? And by the way, is there a Bafta for my line of work?
Doc Toner

From: Barbican Technology
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 1:58 PM
Subject: Testimonial

What an amazing product and an amazing service. I ordered a refill for my Samsung printer on Sunday evening and it was here (amidst the worst weather we've had for 30 years) on Tuesday morning. It took less than ten minutes from opening the package to printing my first sheet. Quick, easy and mess free. Not only that, but everything is recyclable.
Don Smith

Thanks, Don. Yes, in an astonishing display of professional dedication, I mounted a team of huskies and delivered it myself. Glad it was appreciated and sorry about the teeth marks in the bottle.
Doc Toner

From: "John B"
Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 2:23 PM
Subject: Subject: My thanks

I contacted you the day before yesterday - posted an envelope containing printouts from my laser which were extremely poor. I have spoken to you once before when a replaced cartridge showed empty after only a few hundred prints. That time you replaced the chip for free - This time your technical support staff telephoned me at home to offer help.
I cannot say how delighted I am with the service you give. I have followed the advice of your colleague and after replacing the black toner cartridge the printer is as good as new!
Is it not always the case that a company will take the time and trouble to talk directly with a customer - You do.
John Battams

Thanks, John. The last time we checked, it was our customers who were mainly responsible for paying us. All our staff have to kneel before me and repeat that 20 times before starting work.
Doc Toner

From: Barbara Chambers
Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2009 8:40 PM
Subject: All thumbs woman gives two thumbs up!

Dear Doc Toner,
I noticed that nearly all of your testimonials displayed are from men. I don't know if it is because women are less likely to do a refill than men or just get someone to do it for them, but I have to say that I found this amazingly easy thanks to your great instructions and confidence-building website. (I'm sure no misogny is involved, and you just love us women, Doc T.) I am not mechanical and rather all thumbs at this sort of thing, but I'm also poor, so I really didn't need to shell out anywhere from 45 to 100 euros for a new toner. Instead you had me up and running in about 15 minutes. Women, you can do this!

Barbara, as the disclaimer goes, the emails published here don't necessarily reflect the editor's views. Although, to be fair, I don't publish them if they don't reflect my views! As regards how much I love women: it's been said that at times I've overdone it!
Doc Toner

From: Mark Brittain
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 5:34 PM
Subject: Lexmark toner refills

I am on my third set of refills for the original cartridges they just keep going. I am saving a fortune using this method. The only additional expense has been to buy some sticky back plastic to cover the melt hole all of £2.
I'll be back again for more when I need them!
Keep it up
Mark Brittain

Doing my best to "keep it up". Mark, thanks for such a glowing testimonial and above all, please keep sending the money.
Doc Toner

From: email supplied
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 1:46 PM
Subject: OKI 5600

Got my refills today. Filled up M, Y, C toners in 45 minutes (needed to chip each toner)
And my printer is now running smoothly again AND I've saved over £100. WOW Thanks.
Oh, you're instructions might want to include to refill the cartridges over an old bed sheet or similar. I did and it made the job alot cleaner and quicker.
I'll be back again for more when I need them!

Martin Smith
Beauty Salon Marketing

Yes, Martin. But first get the person out of whoever's bed it is. Right?
Doc Toner

From: "Greg Howard"
Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2008 7:47 PM
Subject: Superb job - thanks

I stumbled across this site by accident, thankfully just before coughing up £240 for a full set of new cartridges for my printer. As with everyone I'm sure, I was very sceptical of the site, fearing what sort of come-back there'd be on a company operating in the "guerilla" market sector (sorry Doc!) if things didn't work out. But the excellent technical backing, honesty, cheesy humour (;-) and well-edited text kept me reading and reading. With the confidence to then give it a go, I started with just the black toner.
The result - straightforward job just as "it said on the tin", with "melt and pour" reduced to a trivial and fun task by excellent instructions, photos of everything for the specific cartridge and printer, and absolutely everything you need (and I mean everything down to the screwdrivers). Plus excellent print quality from the cartridge of course. So now I'm going to buy the three colour toners and spread the word.
Last thing to say - the instructions additionally helped me understand a printer problem I have with striations or lines on the paper due to the cartridge, thereby adding even more value to my purchase. I now know how to solve it, and refilltoner's toner will even improve on it. I couldn't get any sense out of the manufacturer and the retailer other than to simply ship me a brand new printer when I complained within the warranty period.
I'm not joking - refilltoner have a better technical understanding than the suppliers!
G. Howard

Thanks, Greg. Whereas Keira Knightly and I always take a certain pleasure in answering our fan-mail, this time you've reached the parts other testimonials cannot reach. A crack about warming the end of my melting tool is just too easy - especially as I'm already being branded a cheesy humourist.
Doc Toner

From: "Peter J. Benson"
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 11:21 AM
Subject: Konica Minolta Black Starter Kit Order No 2007391111

>Ordered Konica Minolta 2400W black toner starter kit 11am , arrived next
> morning. Couldn't have been easier to refill following the excellent
> instructions. I know who I'll be going to when my colour toner runs out!
> Many thanks
> > Peter Benson

Thanks, Peter. I take it you are referring to us? Otherwise I'll be needing that bribe money back.
Doc Toner

From: thomasroberts
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 8:50 PM
Subject: toner

Dear Sirs, This is just to inform you that the toner refill I purchased from you today for my Brother printer No 1430 /TO N6300 worked first time first class Print, very simple job 5 minutes to refill and saving me £20-00 many thanks

Tom Roberts. pensioner Cardiff (I used to go to school in Thomas Street in 1937 )

Thanks, Tom. Yes, in fact we found a few of your old school reports, but don't worry, I won't mention what they say. For my usual fee, that is.
Doc Toner

From: steve
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 2:43 PM

WOW ordered a toner kit for a Lexmark E232 Speedy delivery even with Christmas in the way :) the kit contained everything, I was hunting around for a 3mm screwdriver, did not know it would be supplied, even came with a mask and rubber gloves, Wife said we can use them later: Clear concise instructions.
Thanks Fantastic.

Thanks, Steamy Steve. You actually needed my other site, www.PimpMyRefill.com. We try to get the bugs out before selling the Starter Kit. Looks as if we're leaving the kinks in, though.
Doc Toner

From: HDS
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 11:14 AM
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for a great service Doc Toner, ordered PM and arrived 9am next day.
First try at refilling cartridges on our OKI C5250, absolute doddle, your instruction sheets are clear and well written with a great sense of humour to help the learning process. Just printing off 50 colour pages now and they are perfect, and saving us £50 a time from our refiller Ďup the roadí.
Will be a customer of yours for a long time.
Thanks again.

Harrison Display Systems Ltd

Thanks, Steve. Gave the teckies a grilling about this sense of humour in our instructions. The very reason for having a development lab is to help me portray myself as the Einstein of toner, not toner's answer to Woody Allen. Now the "Brad Pitt of toner" I might have settled for.
Doc Toner

04 July 2006
Telespeed Weather Systems Ltd
S26 3XD
Dear Sirs

I recently ordered, with some trepidation, a toner refill starter kit (black) for my Oki C3200 colour laser.
I say with some trepidation because my experiences with non-original ink cartridges for various inkjet printers has been mostly unhappy.
However, I was pleased to get prompt delivery, a clear set of instructions and everything nice and easy to follow.
I refilled the black cartridge and it works absolutely fine.

Best wishes,
Roderick Buck

Roderick, I could never get inkjet printer refills to work either. Kind of glad because I could have ended up with a silly nom-de-plume like "Doc Inkjet". Yuck!
Doc Toner

From: Paul Broadwith
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 8:59 PM
Subject: Lost for words ...

I recently bought the Starter Kit for the Samsung 500 Series Colour Laser Printer and I'm lost for words, I really am.
I priced the cartridges themselves and they were £97.00 + postage EACH. The black was running low. Started getting white patches down the middle of the toner. Bought your pack and saw the tool for melting a hole in the cartridge and started thinking that this is not going to work .... it worked a charm. I actually can't believe that after 10 minutes and about £30.00 I have a full toner cartridge ...
To top it all not only were the instructions so clear they also gave hints and tips on how often to refill, what your experiences were, what might happen, bits about the belts and drums. That was invaluable.
The *only* suggestion I'd make is try to suggest how thick the plastic you are going to melt through would be. I assume it would be very thick and the melting tool went through it into the toner area. If you said it was only a few mm thick I'd have been a lot more careful.
Will definitely be back and will be advising everybody I know to use your site. Well done. Keep up the good work of saving me money.
Kind regards,

Paul Broadwith MBCS
Blue Ivy Ltd

Lost for words about toner, Paul? I'd like to recommend my book "Bluff Your Way In Toner". Or refer to any one of my unashamedly self-serving blurbs, blogs and flyers of the last thirteen years.
Doc Toner

From: Ian Shearer
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 11:19 PM
Subject: Brilliant

Arrived quickly, did exactly what it said on the tin.
As an ex- printer / computer tech, I perhaps had an advantage over a non- tech user, and I think I recognise a modified soldering iron when I see one...
Very nicely put together comprehensive package. Be back when this ones used up

Cheers, Ian

OK, Ian, you get this year's Queen's award for industrial espionage. But remember, if you'd bought one of our "melt & pour" kits in 1996, you'd have got an apple-corer: un-modified.
Doc Toner

From: Chris Irwin
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 4:14 PM
Subject: Infuriated of Berkshire

...because I actually bought an original toner for my HP 1010 mono printer.
Being technically cack-handed, I read the manual 10 times first.
I've just finished the job - which took about twenty minutes - and have now printed off fifty pages. Brilliant!!
And I now have the added bonus of a spare cartridge should mine leak, as well as a device for cauterizing piles.
Many thanks and keep up the good work ;-)

Chris Irwin

Chris, I've heard of lowering the tone, but lowering the toner? Anyway, you certainly got to the bottom of it.
Doc Toner

From: Max Wiseberg
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 10:02 PM
Subject: Another boring testimonial....

Blah blah, saw it on the net blah blah.
Bought a Ml1510 for 45 quid and then was getting hit for the same again for a toner cartridge. Did you know they put in starter cartridges which are not full into new printers? I thought you probably did.
Thought your £10 inc postage etc looked better so tried it.
Guess what?
Got it a couple of days later. Installed it in a couple of minutes. Still going.
Iím printing loads of brochures for my newly launched Natural, drug-free pollen barrier which stops hayfever sufferers sneezing, without any nasty side effects. Check out www.haymax.biz if any of you get hayfever. It really works!
Whoops! Did I sneak in a plug for my own business there?
Max Wiseberg

HayMax - natural, drug free pollen barrier

Glad you've discovered the cure for hayfever, Max. If I discover the cure for bare-faced cheek, I'll be sure to let you know.
Doc Toner

From: Gary McCann
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 4:54 PM
Subject: toner cartridge refill

> Samsung ML1510
> Samsung SCX4100 (3 in 1. Copier, scanner, printer)
> Epson AcuLaser C900
I have purchased Toner from you for all of these, the latest only today.
Everyone else on this site has commented about how much money you can save here and I have done! Quite a lot. That's nice.
But what NEVER FAILS to impress me is the knowledge, service and cheerful, friendly attitude of the staff at www.refilltoner.com
Gary McCann.
P.s. You can use this if you like.

Yes, well all my staff have to pass the company's stringent exam "Blag your way in toner". Then memorize a handbook entitled "How to be a genial idiot". Both based on my own life experiences, incidentally.
Doc Toner

From: Tony Knight
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 1:41 AM

Your subversion is reprehensible. I mean cheap, good quality toner, delivered on time and filled with ease. Itís just not fair. Please stop it.

Seriously though with my Samsung CLP 500 colour laser a full set of cartridges costs more than the cost of a new printer, your refills work out at < 25% the cost of Samsung original replacements. The printer cost £234 in a sale and the cartridges are about £90 each, I checked your site to ensure they could be refilled before purchasing the machine!

In my HP 2300d I have refilled my current cartridge 5 times with no smearing and no mess; print quality remains excellent. I guess you deserve to win this yearís holiday as well! Looking forward to receiving the next delivery shortly.
Tony Knight

No, you should be ashamed. This is clearly a poorly disguised attempt to humour your way to the top of my testimonials column. You're probably the owner of the company anyway. I mean, "Tony". That's practically an anagram of "toner" for a start.
Erton Toner

From: David Silcox
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 2:27 PM
Subject: ML1510

Just to say thanks for the toner refils. Very fast delivery & it took seconds to fill with No spillage! It's probably imagination, but the print quality seems even better than the Samsung original. At this price there seems little need for the Toner Save option anymore.

Imagination? Nay, never. No need to book up with Specsavers either, David. Whaddabout, "refilltoner.com - the true Toner Save option"? Nope, too tacky.
Doc Toner

From: Paul Rowlands
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 7:52 PM
Subject: help

Your refils are brill. Very happy with all 4 for the 2300DL and the 1 for the ML1510.
Many thanks

PR Law Costs

ps about to try your refil for the HP Laserjet 4 - itching to have a go at having to melt a hole as so far the other printers have not been much of a challenge (possibly due to your instructions?)

Paul, don't worry if that compulsion to melt holes in things gets stronger. You could always come and work here. You soon get used to not having a proper job - look at me.
Doc Toner

From: Sonja Haggett
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 4:59 PM
Subject: CLP-500

I had already found your toner refills great for my Samsung ML-1210 so when I bought the Samsung CLP-500 I was disappointed to see that at that time you hadn't yet managed to provide refills for it. But joy of joy when the first cartridge began to run out I checked again and I have bought my first refill for the black cartridge. I had a bit of trouble to start getting the 'fade' sorted out but by being a little firmer with the piece of card the printer is back to pristine use.

I have an order for 75 videos for which I have to print the covers and 6 pages of additional information per video, so you see I really am stumped if my printer doesn't work. I also print gloss labels for "Against the Grain" a Gluten free beer and as that has taken off in a big way over Christmas.

My second order for the complete set of 4 colours has been placed to make sure that I don't run out in the middle of any future print runs.

Bless you all! 0:) Sonja

Sonja, we did a lot of testing to make sure the CLP-500 would be OK for you. Now if you need some help testing that gluten free beer ..........
Doc Toner

From: mark litchfield
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 7:42 PM

Just a little note to say thank you what a fantastic product just brought the refill kit all colours you canít tell the difference in quality, and at half the cost I will be using again and again It was so easy 5 mins with all four colours thank you.

Thanks, Mark. Shouldn't that be a third of the cost of an original cartridge? Or are the Samsung CLP-500 cartridges I buy falling off the back of the wrong lorry?
Doc Toner

From: David Smith
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 11:36 AM
Subject: SMITHDM1 43131 Samsung refill

> Many thanks for the Samsung ML1510 refill I just received.
> I will confirm along with other customers that, the order was quick, the
> operation of filling the ML1510 was a doddle (even without the spout - I
> made a wee hole in the foil, near the edge), the quality was 100%
> perfect even after the first print - no priming etc.

> Thanks for the order and will fully recommend www.refilltoner.com on
> speed and simplicity

> Regards Dave
> Leigh
> Gtr. Manchester
> (you may use my letter)

Thanks Dave. Now as for, "you may use my letter". Our rude jokes department came up with quite a lot of good material based on that. Unfortunately, none of it suitable for publication.
Doc Toner

From: Keith Simpson
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 2:55 PM
Subject: Superb!

Sirs, I have just refilled my HP1100 toner cartidge using your starter kit and all I can say is WOW ! A ten minute job easily done that's saved me 20 quid at least, and further refills (I'm hoping for another 3 refills on this cartridge) will mean my total saving will be a darn sight more (probably 100 quid)!

Most impressed by the speed of delivery and ease of use. I will definitely be recommending you to others.

Regards Keith Simpson

Thanks Keith. Glad it seems to have been like, TOTALLY AWESOME for you DUDE. Hang on, aren't we British? Anyway, say hello to Homer and Bart for me.
Doc Toner

From: Ray Goldring
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 12:39 AM
Subject: Re: ml 1710 samsung laser printer

Hi We have received the 4 bottles of toner for our Samsung ML1710 laser printer.

It was just as your instructions stated ! very easy to do. We will continue to order this along with orders for our ML 1210 laser's.

My staff are amazed @ the results and @ the speed of your service,keep up the good work.Your companies details will be forwarded to all other Age concerns.

Regards Ray Goldring
Finance Director Age Concern Havering

Thanks Ray. It's only right that Age Concern are favouring us with these orders. Some of the people at our place are getting pretty "long in the tooth" themselves. Am I allowed to say that?
Doc Toner

From: Don Iszatt
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 4:10 AM
Subject: Well Done!

I was one of those people that found your website because I was hacked off at paying £42 for HP Laserjet 1100 toner. I get through about one toner cartridge a month, so I was really looking for something like this.

I was looking through your website about a month ago, reading the testimonials, and wondering, should I or shouldn't I?

It's difficult to make the first step, because it's human nature to be suspicious. However, I have to say to those people, that like me, are now viewing your website, and the testimonials, and wondering should I, or shouldn't I?


Go for the minimum order, so you don't have to pay carriage, and start saving hard cash. I made the move to buy one starter pack and two refills, so I didn't have to pay delivery. This means with my average of 4 refills per cartridge, I'm paying about £22 per cartridge, which is about half price.

This is so simple. The burn technique goes through the plastic in about 2 seconds. I had refilled, sealed and inserted my cartridge back into my HP 1000 printer in about 5 minutes.

My only regret is that I'd wished I'd kept the many used cartridges I had used in the past rather than throwing them away.

So if you don't make a decision today, don't forget to start keeping your old cartridges from now, because when you finally come back to this website, and start deciding to save money, you'll be glad you did .....

Don Iszatt

Don, even I don't believe your blurb about my own product. This will never convince those "suspicious" types you mention. They'll just conclude I'm writing emails to myself! But anyway, glad you had a successful refill experience, Doc. Er, whoops, I mean Don.
Doc Toner

From: Peter Salisbury
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 12:32 PM
Subject: Toner refill for Samsung ML-1250

There is ONE thing you didn't warn me about: when I refilled my Samsung ML-1250 with your toner (which was even easier than you implied) it had a side effect!

I had been pestering Samsung for weeks about the pale printing but they were not able to sort it out despite trying a Samsung replacement cartridge. BUT with YOUR toner in the cartridge the print quality is MUCH improved and even my pale greys are faithfully produced (even in the printer's toner saving mode). You are obviously using much better quality toner than Samsung - thank you! Less (money) in this case is definitely more (quality)!
Peter Salisbury

Thanks, Peter. You've saved me from having to write yet another one of my pithy, self-serving sales blurbs!
Doc Toner

From: John Norris
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 8:02 PM
Subject: Thanks (Your Ref 32687)

> Many thanks for the prompt despatch of my recent order (Your Ref 32687).
> Having an empty LaserJet5L/6L cartride to hand (normally I send them back)
> I was able to try out the refill technique straight away. I am pleased to
> report that it was every bit as straightforward as the instructions imply
> and the test page I printed was perfect. So, many thanks for an excellent
> product and service. I shall certainly be re-ordering from time to time
> and will also pass the word round to any LaserJet owning friends.

> If you have time to read a bit more, may I say that I found your detailed
> instructions and explanations very interesting. I have noticed over a 6
> year period of using LaserJets that quality varies slightly from HP
> cartridge to HP cartridge and I have long been suspicious that drums are
> not routinely replaced when old cartridges are returned for recycling. My
> current cartridge for example produces slightly faint print compared with
> my last cartridge and with the one I have just refilled. Having now read
> your leaflet I am even more suspicious that buying an HP cartridge does
>not ensure a new drum.

> Thanks again,
> John Norris

Suspicious of HP, John? Shame on you and perish the thought.
Doc Toner

From: Clive Bailey
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 12:25 AM
Subject: xeroxp8e

Looking on the web the best price I found for a replacement toner was £80.00 mark (ouch) then don't ask why I typed in refill and found your site .Call me a non believer in this but after ringing up and talking with yourselves I thought I would give it a go , placed my order 10.30am nock on the door 8.30am next day with the toner at 8.45am I was back in my little room printing away (Brilliant )
Thanks for saving me £50.00

Clive Bailey :
Secretary / P.A. for Wombwell r/c model car club 2002

Thanks, Clive. Say hello to Tobermory for me ..... Oh, sorry, it's Wombwell, not womble!
Doc Toner

From: Ivan Greindl
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 2:37 PM
Subject: Testimonial! :-)

Hi everybody,
I received today the refill kit and refill bottles of toner powder. IT'S FANTASTIC.
I'll explain you why ! Since months I'm looking for toner refilling or refurbished cartridges for my old MINOLTA WinLAser 400. Nobody on the Net could help me.

And now, I finally found your site, ordered a kit and bootle and, 48 h. later, I was "unplugging and pouring" my cartridge. I agree: for this type of cartridges, as Minolta makes, all the processing is over in 3 min., without any mess. Thank you, once more and CONGRATULATIONS: you are good pros.
Best regards,

Ivan P. Greindl, DDS
(Brussels, Belgium)

Thanks, Ivan. And we all enjoyed the sprouts.
Doc Toner

From: ambrose
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 7:59 PM
Subject: Brother HL-1030

Hi there,
Reading your blurb made it seem too easy.
I ordered a refill pack via the web on Wednesday the 7th August, it arrived Friday the 9th.
Within 30 minutes, I had the parcel opened, instructions read, workspace cleared, job done and printing again.
Costwise it works out very well. My machine can use two sizes of cartridge, 3000 prints and 6000 prints. The cheapest renewal cartridge that I could find ( for the lesser print capability) cost far more than the refill. I now have the greater capability for a much reduced cost!!!!!
So, your blurb is not a flight of fancy after all.

Keep on filling!!!!
Thank you.

Charles White,

ps - please feel free to use this email as you wish. The ferrari should be delivered to...........

I prefer to call them my "works of commercial literature", but if "blurb" works for you, well, you're the customer.
Doc Toner

From: M. Scargill
> Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 8:18 PM
> Subject: Toner sales.

> > I am using a Brother 2400 colour laser. I found your company on the net,
> > when looking for an alternative to the full price colour refills from
> > brother. I am publishing a small A5 magazine, four times a year. Each
> > run takes about 1 full refill of each colour. So far I am on my third set of
> > refills, with no trouble at all. I also used your toner oil. The refill
> > process is simple, you explained it clearly, and the finished quality is
> > indistinguishable from the original when the printer was new. Your net
> > order is simple, and delivery is quick & reliable. In short, all you say is true.
> > Many thanks. Now, about that holiday....
> > Mike Scargill

Thanks, Mike. The free holiday was awarded to our winner for the previous five years: one Mr. D. Toner from Birmingham. Sorry about that.
Doc Toner

From: Les Winter
To:  Sent: 19 November 1999  10:37
Subject: Toner
Just to say thank you - firstly for the speedy delivery - as a mailorder map company we endeavour to do the same and it certainly produces customer satisfaction which has to be the name of the game!
Secondly, we melted the hole and all's well - very pleased.
Maps By Mail UK

You've   really  "mapped"  it  out  for  us  there, Les, hahahahah.
Doc Toner

From: Kenneth & Analucia
29 May 1999   07:59
I have used 12 or more of your refills over the last few months.
I have been very happy with your service and the quality of the Toner.
Good Luck! and once again I look forward to seeing lower prices.
Kenneth Allen

Thanks  Ken.  But   "lower  prices"?  I'm  having trouble  keeping  my  Lamgourgini  on  the  road  as  it  is!
Doc  Toner

From: Denis
Subject: Toner cartridge refilled!
Date: 11 March 1999  17:22
Recently I had occasion to purchase a DIKITVX kit from yourselves - invoice 20764 refers.
I have to admit that I was very wary about refilling the cartridge of my HP LaserJet 6P. My worries about doing this were pointless!
I put aside a couple of hours to carry out the operation - but finished the job within ten minutes.  I have been using the refilled cartridge now for about three weeks and haven't had any kind of problem at all.
Many thanks for this excellent product.
Denis Millar
8 months later: You are probably wondering why I haven't ordered more - but this one just keeps on going.

Thanks  Denis.  The  cheque's  in  the  post.
Doc  Toner.

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