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Do-it-yourself toner refills for the Samsung ML-1510 ML-1710 ML-1750 cartridge

unplug, refill with toner, er ..... that's it

Refilling your Samsung ML-1510 / ML-1710 / ML-1750 cartridge is easier than falling off the proverbial log. This family of laser printers all use the same toner cartridge so you can refill them all with the same approach and the same toner.
Just lever out the clearly visible plug and pour the toner in. Not much more to it than that. 
Tip: we think the easiest way to get the plug out is by levering it with a bluntish screwdriver. The toner plug in the photo below had already been levered out 4 times. Although it looks mangled up, it wasn't actually leaking.
If you find after a lot of refills that that pesky plug starts to leak, don't despair. Just seal it in with a rubbery sealant. Copydex glue (rubber based) or silicon bathroom sealant work OK for stopping those post toner refill leaks. These rubbery compounds are good because they seal the toner inside the toner cartridge, but when you come to do your next refill, you can still get the plug out.
By the way, how do you know you've got a "toner low" situation on your hands? In the case of the Samsung ML-1510, the answer seems to be, er, guesswork. As we sat there running out the original toner cartridge that came with the laser printer and then three refills of it, we were pouring over the documentation to try and find some mention of a signal that would let us definitively know that the toner had run out again, but to no avail.

Go with the flow

Eventually, the copies just started to fade out. We always got a narrow whitish-greyish fade out at first, vertically down the length of the page. Within 10 or 20 more copies the toner fade out spread to cover the whole page. The machine kept banging away as our prints turned from faded to virtually white.
So you've figured from your possibly large quantity of faded sheets that your toner is low. You've levered out the plug with your blunt screwdriver. You've shown your habitually excellent good judgement by acquiring a U Refill Toner Ltd Samsung ML-1510 /1710 /1750 toner refill bottle and you're ready for the big moment .................
Break the seal on the bottle, screw on the spout and put your finger over the end of the spout. At this point, use one hand to hold the toner cartridge up to about a 45 degree angle while your other hand is holding the toner bottle with one finger covering the end of the spout. Now shake, shake, shake that bottle, baby.
This turns the toner, which is actually a powder, from a solid black lump to a free-flowing fluid. After shaking, up-end the bottle into the hole and let the toner run in. It's useful to actually watch the toner going in at the entrance of the toner hole. After about 10 seconds or so, you'll see that the toner stops flowing. But you'll still be able to feel that the toner bottle isn't empty. Put that finger back over the end of the spout and shake the bottle again. Then pour again. On average, we found it took three shake-and-pour cycles to get all the toner in and we didn't spill any. So ya boo, and woe betide ye that ignoreth the first commandment of DIY toner refills: go with the flow.
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