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Do-it-yourself toner refills for Samsung laser printers

  Samsung toner refill bottles and refill toners

Refill your ML-1210 ....

prise plug out ....

pour more toner powder in

We came up with the "unplug and pour" do-it-yourself toner refill in 2002 when Samsung brought out their ML-1210 mono laser printer and a number of work-alikes. Although not exactly an invention in the strict sense of 1996's "melt and pour" approach, we proposed and marketed the idea of refilling through the conspicuous plug on the side of these cartridges.
Fast forward to 2012 where we're busy researching refill techniques for the Samsung laser printers that can be bought at the moment. The ML-1660 / ML-1665 / ML-1670 / ML-1860 / ML-1865 / ML-1865W and their multifunction work-alikes SCX-3200 / SCX-3205 / SCX-3205W / SCX-3217 called for another modest innovation, more ......

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The toner cartridges for the following Samsung printers can be refilled by just unplugging and pouring the toner in as in the photo:
ML-1020, ML-1210, ML-1220, ML-1221, ML-1250, ML-1430, ML-1510, ML-1710, ML-1750, ML-1755, ML-4500, ML-4600, ML-1010, ML-1020, IZZI Laser, IZZI Laser Plus, IZZI Laser Plus 2

Until 1992, when we decided to market DIY toner refill products, laser printer refills were strictly for the "professionals". But for successful home-grown toner refills, you just need a few insider secrets and a bottle of the right weight of the right kind of toner. We generate those insider secrets for you by working with refilling the machine in our test lab. The wrinkle-free solution for that cartridge is exposed in detail in our Starter Kit for that printer. It shows you how we did it, not how we imagine it could be done. is not associated with or endorsed by any of the cartridge / printer manufacturers referred to in any of our published works. Names of manufacturers, machines and part numbers are given as an aid to identification only. Names of manufacturers, machines and part numbers may be trade marks of the respective manufacturer. All Trade Marks hereby expressly acknowledged.